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The day is finally here lads! Today I'm officially launching The Canadian Lad Merchandise. thecanadianlad.merchforall.com

Your purchase will 100% go towards my channel. Plus, you can get something extra as well, more information in the video! :)

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Devang Gadani
Devang Gadani 24 päivää sitten
Please watch Harry Potter series in 0.25x speed
M.A Gladiator
M.A Gladiator Uukausi sitten
Man you are awesome , you are so amazing , i want to meat u to have a talk with u , man you are such like a legend , you are a huge great man , u do a lot of hard work here to exite us. I salute u man you are amazing
Rickyrobeats Uukausi sitten
pinkywinky222 2 kuukautta sitten
Congratulations! 😍 This channel entertained me a lot this crap of a year. 🤣 I just wish that this pandemic would calm down so new movies become normal again and you could make more content ☺️
Cristian Cuartas
Cristian Cuartas 2 kuukautta sitten
Nobody else comment its at 1,000.... Dang it
BABOOOM Productions
BABOOOM Productions 2 kuukautta sitten
Moist 2 kuukautta sitten
Wow, 1k comments
Landon Maxwell
Landon Maxwell 2 kuukautta sitten
999th comment, rip juice
Matthew Goldberg
Matthew Goldberg 2 kuukautta sitten
Am I the only one who noticed that in age of Ultron when Tony walks into clints shed to fix his tractor to the side you can see the same archery target that Clint uses in endgame to train his daughter
Towhid Hossain Tushar
Towhid Hossain Tushar 2 kuukautta sitten
Dulce Christian
Dulce Christian 2 kuukautta sitten
can you watch the amazing spiderman andrew garfield version
ggiufa 2 kuukautta sitten
Hammad Tarique
Hammad Tarique 2 kuukautta sitten
You can work hard in 2021 cause marvel will launch everything possible for marvel lovers😂.
Melvin the Bagel
Melvin the Bagel 2 kuukautta sitten
Congrats my friend!! Take care :)
Hallo 2 kuukautta sitten
You don’t need to thank us we need to thank you for making us smile 😊
Yash Agarwal
Yash Agarwal 2 kuukautta sitten
Anup Ghimire
Anup Ghimire 2 kuukautta sitten
Mangi Lal Ranka
Mangi Lal Ranka 2 kuukautta sitten
Now we want to see your face
The gaming bro Rajavel
The gaming bro Rajavel 2 kuukautta sitten
I am the 990th comment
Heera Surkheti
Heera Surkheti 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey lad i have a big question "why don't future nebula did not srink up when she was pulling by thanos's ship even she has still pimp particle and lots of time to do that?" please answer..Big fan of marvel and big Fan and Suscriber of your channel...Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵Please answer...asking until got answer
kaid kawsar
kaid kawsar 2 kuukautta sitten
Make a special video of today's Disney's all announcements
kaid kawsar
kaid kawsar 2 kuukautta sitten
Make a special video of today's Disney's all announcements
Shubham Sehgal
Shubham Sehgal 2 kuukautta sitten
*NOTE- This is the comment in refrence to the loki series on disney+* Hey CANADAIAN LAD , i have to gave a refrence regarding the loki series, if you have seen which i am sure you must have seen the black widow in one of the frames of the video .. To me it can be a possibility that loki in TVA have seen all the avengers2012 till the endgame. And must have seen the black widow death and to this he arrived to the soul world to take the black widow or maybe for another reason... then i think in 2:10 Loki was running to the exit from soul world. Bcoz black widow maybe or maybe not agreed to loki and warn him to go early before the destruction. That was all my opinion regarding the two of the scenes. If you agreed to it then please give me shoutout in the Loki tralier breakdown video.🙂🙂. Waiting for your video 😙😙
Tito Elmer
Tito Elmer 2 kuukautta sitten
This man deserves more than 600k subs!!
Triple M
Triple M 2 kuukautta sitten
I left the video because I thought it was fake. He didn't say this time I watched...
Jonathan Christian
Jonathan Christian 2 kuukautta sitten
he guys, just asking, when captain america go back to put the stone, he brought thor hammer, do you guys know where it is becoz when cap got back he didn't bring it, does he put it back in asgard?
Prophecy Believer
Prophecy Believer 2 kuukautta sitten
I'm gonna buy one
Jai Kothari
Jai Kothari 2 kuukautta sitten
Please 0.25 Tenet 🙏
Ternion Strikz
Ternion Strikz 2 kuukautta sitten
I found a detail in Spiderman into the spider verse movie : Aunt may refers to Olivia octavious as 'liv' in the fight at the house . While in the lab Olivia says that her enemies call he 'doc oc' and her friends call her 'liv'. I think that aunt may was Olivia's friend
Rohan Hussain
Rohan Hussain 2 kuukautta sitten
Anyone thought a 3 hour film to him is 12 hours
Yash Wathrey
Yash Wathrey 2 kuukautta sitten
@The Canadian Lad I've found an another intereating thing, the sound used for the collision of Thor's hammer and Cap's shield in Avengers 1 can be heard in Civil War too. When Winter Soldiers tries to punch Spider-Man and Spidy stops it with his single arm. In our details video you mention, 3 times they(marvel) use this sound but there are 4 in total.
king gamer
king gamer 2 kuukautta sitten
king gamer
king gamer 2 kuukautta sitten
975 comment Lol love ur merch
StiX 2 kuukautta sitten
Can you do a 0.25x watching of Fight Club. Alot of hidden meanings in that film and it's a classic
Hariharan 2 kuukautta sitten
ethan correa
ethan correa 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey what if you start another series called scenes in 2x speed funny compilation?
Directors Choice
Directors Choice 2 kuukautta sitten
Congrats dude! That's really cool. I'll definitely need to check it out
Suresh krishna _mr._loki_11
Suresh krishna _mr._loki_11 2 kuukautta sitten
Please watch Nolan's TENET in 0.25 speed
Prakash kumar Jha
Prakash kumar Jha 2 kuukautta sitten
We love you lad!
Lucky_ 2 kuukautta sitten
You could livestream maybe, I don't think you would get copyright because it is 4x speed.
Williams 2 kuukautta sitten
Wait what? Canadian Lad has less than 1M subs? Now this is an Avenger's level threat.
Raja Vemula
Raja Vemula 2 kuukautta sitten
Brother, will this work for India too?? Can you send???
Raymond Dempsey
Raymond Dempsey 2 kuukautta sitten
Jaiden Morris
Jaiden Morris 2 kuukautta sitten
I have watch Spider-Man and I just noticed that both of the people at the end of the movie and off with them saying half of the f word it is crazy right you can even check this I hope you're read my comment I love your channel keep up the awesome work
golla manohar
golla manohar 2 kuukautta sitten
hey Canadian lad I subscribed your channel when you are at 10 k i am very happy to see you at this position and i am from india
SlipperySliver 2 kuukautta sitten
Let's go your my favorite FIplacer your doing so good
Aleksandra Kashirskaya-Asatiani
you should do venom in 025xspeed
Abdelrahman Awad
Abdelrahman Awad 2 kuukautta sitten
Would you please watch inception
Crafty Earthy
Crafty Earthy 2 kuukautta sitten
The merch can let us slow everything to 0.25x speed.
VaMEr 2 kuukautta sitten
Ppl from India This stuff is too expensive
Viman Binu
Viman Binu 2 kuukautta sitten
You have full from me
Jakob Larsen
Jakob Larsen 2 kuukautta sitten
bro what about star wars can you plz see them in 0,25 speed ?
THE PUNISHER GEAR 2 kuukautta sitten
Can you please do Venom in 2.5x speed?
Alex Hickman
Alex Hickman 2 kuukautta sitten
$25 dollars is too much for a hoodie.
Rimed Alkam
Rimed Alkam 2 kuukautta sitten
If you owe it to us, then you need to give it for free...
Shailendra Sonurlekar
Shailendra Sonurlekar 2 kuukautta sitten
Brother I love the way u see these details..in movie...
Shashee Kaushalya
Shashee Kaushalya 2 kuukautta sitten
Please Watch TENET at 0.25
Aadesh Das
Aadesh Das 2 kuukautta sitten
I am waiting EAGERLY to watch your video of watching TENET in 0.25x speed...... And I believe there are others who would also like to watch it.
Siva thumpera
Siva thumpera 2 kuukautta sitten
Why don’t you do X-Men
THE PUNISHER GEAR 2 kuukautta sitten
I thought of the same thing 💯
Dayang Rubiah
Dayang Rubiah 2 kuukautta sitten
Can Canadian Lad Plsss Make 0.25x speed The Amazing Spider-Man 1 And The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Dayang Rubiah
Dayang Rubiah 2 kuukautta sitten
yeah He Do Sam Raimi And Tom Holland But Not Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man
THE PUNISHER GEAR 2 kuukautta sitten
Yeah. Why not? I wanted him to do that too 🥺
Khael Decano
Khael Decano 2 kuukautta sitten
Yoh can you pls watch the entire harry potter franchise at 0.25 speed plsssss
Another Papa Sheev
Another Papa Sheev 2 kuukautta sitten
I remember when I subbed you were only 25k. Congrats man!
Ebin Sunny
Ebin Sunny 2 kuukautta sitten
Could you see sonic
Rashda 2 kuukautta sitten
Dude u are our personal lad and i am so proud of u cuz u have went soo far and i am very happy for ya and your theories are mind blowing and dude plzz do sell iPhone 5’s,6’s,7’s’8’s cover also and do make your shipping available for all the countries worldwide cuz there are your many of your fans out there and i am from pakistan and i am a big fan of yours and obviously Marvel
Prabash M V S
Prabash M V S 2 kuukautta sitten
_Waiting for _*_TENET_*_ in 0.25X Speed_
Tamilplayer 2 kuukautta sitten
Yay....hoorah 🥳🥳🥳
Felipe Guzmán
Felipe Guzmán 2 kuukautta sitten
I have a question: If they timetravel (how in endgame) they are using an other timeline. Yes? So if cap time travels in the end of endgame to bring the stones back, then how could he come back to the normal world without using the time machine?
Aaron Frank
Aaron Frank 2 kuukautta sitten
1:15 when a marvel fans best video is a dc video.
Deva Indiran
Deva Indiran 2 kuukautta sitten
Will show your face???
Krishna Bagari
Krishna Bagari 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey! I have a Question for all - How only gamora know where is soul stone???
Nicezy aka Seid
Nicezy aka Seid 2 kuukautta sitten
Nice bro✅✅
08 Prajat Gajengi
08 Prajat Gajengi 2 kuukautta sitten
We want a face reveal
HUNTER SHA 2 kuukautta sitten
Please watch Tenet and explain it please
Suraj Deb Pandey
Suraj Deb Pandey 2 kuukautta sitten
I watched this video in 2x speed 😂😂😂
Rinngheta Hruaitluanga
Rinngheta Hruaitluanga 2 kuukautta sitten
Dude u should have 600million subs
mohaiminul zidny
mohaiminul zidny 2 kuukautta sitten
plz make a qna video
Anime Toon
Anime Toon 2 kuukautta sitten
Bro I have a small doubt about Captain America becoming old he went to other timelines but how he come to this time line please you reply are make a video on it
Mr. Bruh ML
Mr. Bruh ML 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey waht r your views on WW84 I can't wait for it
Stephen - Brawl Stars
Stephen - Brawl Stars 2 kuukautta sitten
Is this usd if this is i cant buy sorry cause im indian and state is mizoram so ita gonna be like 2k or something for me like this so the Canadian lads can see this
Marvel Fangirl
Marvel Fangirl 2 kuukautta sitten
This guy honestly deserves more than a million
Mr Honka Honka
Mr Honka Honka 2 kuukautta sitten
Easter egg next vid. John wick 2
Parth Kataria
Parth Kataria 2 kuukautta sitten
Tenet video please
J.B.S 2 kuukautta sitten
Can I buy it from Bangladesh??? Do you even know this country???
DRAGON OVERLORD 2 kuukautta sitten
Do a green lantern video
Hercules Bonus
Hercules Bonus 2 kuukautta sitten
Satish Ghosalkar
Satish Ghosalkar 2 kuukautta sitten
I can't buy now Because my father will not Allow but I will purchase your merchandise in April on my birthday😊
BigDickDaddyJoe 2 kuukautta sitten
but he must allow right now
Creal Fenz
Creal Fenz 2 kuukautta sitten
Marvel himself will acknowledge u I guarantee.
BigDickDaddyJoe 2 kuukautta sitten
Marvel past away 3 years ago:(
Sniper Gaming
Sniper Gaming 2 kuukautta sitten
I loved your videos I love your videos I will love your videos
BigDickDaddyJoe 2 kuukautta sitten
chill tf out
The Best Lyrics
The Best Lyrics 2 kuukautta sitten
Best merch ever
Yoshinobu Takahashi
Yoshinobu Takahashi 2 kuukautta sitten
Noice keep going
Prakash Rawat
Prakash Rawat 2 kuukautta sitten
I thought that the Canadian Lad was pregnant 😂
iwuanad ie
iwuanad ie 2 kuukautta sitten
Dude, can you stop trying to milk this movie and disappear quietly?
BigDickDaddyJoe 2 kuukautta sitten
bruh he’s selling merch theres nothing to do with movies in this vid
ᴇ ʟ s ɪ ø ɴ
ᴇ ʟ s ɪ ø ɴ 2 kuukautta sitten
Game Boy
Game Boy 2 kuukautta sitten
Plees watch capten marvel in 0,25 speed
Dustin Rosenzweig
Dustin Rosenzweig 2 kuukautta sitten
Can’t wait till you get 1 million subs
Akash Rai
Akash Rai 2 kuukautta sitten
Love from nepal.
reena moodley
reena moodley 2 kuukautta sitten
Finally a youtuber that sells face masks 😀
Charlie Poland
Charlie Poland 2 kuukautta sitten
When Loki attacks for the first time in avengers one it’s the same sound that iron man here’s in the sanctum with strange so that’s why iron man went with the ship because he wasn’t going to let that happen again
Calvin Candie
Calvin Candie 2 kuukautta sitten
This guy must watch the eyes wide shut in 0,25x speed.
Pakistani Gamerz
Pakistani Gamerz 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey lad I was watching thor ragnarok and than I found out that when thor sister saw the infinity goblet she said fake and when she saw blue stone she said weak in avengers 2 tony talks about miles morales (new spiderman)
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