I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Detailed shot-by-shot analysis of WandaVision Episode 7 at 0.25x speed. This episode was crazy!
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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad 7 päivää sitten
The name's Agatha Harkness!
AhmedovUzb 3 päivää sitten
I found some mistakes from MCU films. How can I share them with you?
Cormac 6 päivää sitten
Cormac 6 päivää sitten
Cormac 6 päivää sitten
Cormac 6 päivää sitten
CarvenGamer 36 minuuttia sitten
Hey Canadian lad, you probably knew this because its so obvious but just in case, Both Billy and tommy are wearing similar colour schemes to their comic book characters. Billy=Blue, white red and black same as Wiccan and Tommy = green and white as Speed
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Tunti sitten
No one: People who watch WandaVision when seeing a hexagon: Omg that is so crazy dude are you seeing this?
Chris Schick
Chris Schick Tunti sitten
Why would Agents of SHIELD not be canon?
Felan 2 tuntia sitten
I don't understand amerikas medikations. One anti drepression pill makes you more depressed. Another one helps but makes your grow b**bs. Seriously. How can this happen? How can those pills be available? HOW can it be that they aren't stopped BEFORE they get launch because serious ploblems with side effects of these ... item (I'm trying to find YT frienly words. sry) an stuff?!? Is it because of this after-care-thing over there? Change your country system to "before-care". It's better. That way you don't have to prove that somthing causes problems AFTER they happend. The publisher hase to prove that possible problems wont caused by his thing BEFORE it get released. (edit:) Means he has to prove the safety of his stuff and not you the unsafety of it.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Tunti sitten
He explains all the season Me what😱
ravi creed
ravi creed 3 tuntia sitten
'That little witch is messing with your mind' first reference of witch is done in Age of Ultron by Tony Stark to Bruce
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 4 tuntia sitten
Could the book be the necronomicon?
Bobbi Potts
Bobbi Potts 5 tuntia sitten
This video is reaching quite a bit
david beaudoin-therrien
david beaudoin-therrien 5 tuntia sitten
When wanda is in agatha's house the tv show as 4 characters but it also has a orange guy and a yelĺow robot you know like vision also green and pink caracthers are billy and his brother and then zoom in blue and red. red is obviously wanda but blue was rummored as pietro but im sure its monica and the tv is like agata's monitor of who is around (and awake) yellow robot aka vision is "missing" in the radar because he's out of the town 🙄
Dhruvin Patel
Dhruvin Patel 6 tuntia sitten
the wall she is expanding has a little bump like she wants to cover vision first.
ShadowSniper852 6 tuntia sitten
I used to watched the show on agatha's tv
Yuvan 7 tuntia sitten
"we" refers to the viewer. she was talking abt "relatable" things like forgetting to charge OUR phone.
Ale22 7 tuntia sitten
ok i don't know if anybody will ever read this, but this episode changes fu**ing everything let's recap: with Agatha's magic now being canon for the MCU now we have: Arcane magic is actually a canon thing that leads to Marvel's Runaways being Canon in the MCU which leads to the real existence of Darkforce and Lightforce (Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson's power source) and thus Marvel's Cloak And Dagger being canon in the MCU This means that Roxxon Gulf/Roxxon Corp. actually exists in the MCU and so the Marvel's Spiderman Videogames are now a canon thing (Roxxon Corp is one of the villains on Spiderman: Miles Morales AND the one responsible for Cloak and Dagger's creation) so... in the next Spiderman Movie we'll see Miles Morales being finally introduced? do you see all of it? it ALL BECOMES CANON, the series got its objective.
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 7 tuntia sitten
WandaVision 8 tuntia sitten
I'm new on FIplace and I make WandaVision Clips. I would really appreciate it if you check my channel out :)
TikyCZ 8 tuntia sitten
Sooo wait a minute how we would see then exactly X-men from fox universe coming to MCU. If this quick silver was Agatha doing. Please I didn’t watch E8 yet so if I found the answer there don’t spoiled to me just tell me yes or nah
sus games
sus games 9 tuntia sitten
I couldn't believe, when I saw her got her powers🧐.
Zeo Mashups
Zeo Mashups 10 tuntia sitten
Wanda should get john wick to kill agatha. John loves to kill people who killed dogs...
Yaa _yeetus
Yaa _yeetus 11 tuntia sitten
I think that the mailman is actually Agatha's rabbit because of the rabbit hat
Talhaiii Aslam
Talhaiii Aslam 13 tuntia sitten
He explains all the season Me what😱
ARUN KARUPPIAH K 14 tuntia sitten
In episode 4, only Monica Rambeau was able to see the energy shield around the hex. Does that mean she had her powers before itself and passing through the hex amplified it?
Dhairya Kotecha
Dhairya Kotecha 14 tuntia sitten
Pls bring episode 8 breakdown
Samurasa 17 tuntia sitten
In Brazillian version of Wandavision, the brazillian voice actor who dubs Agnes, actually Says in the part 6:12, so its a spoiler from the end of this episode
Stephen Lestik
Stephen Lestik 18 tuntia sitten
This breakdown had popped up in my youtube notifications at least 3 separate times.
Doomguy 19 tuntia sitten
Can't believe he watched 5 hours
snkr reseller
snkr reseller 19 tuntia sitten
The shiny rat currently stain because robin pivotally scribble against a filthy bongo. succinct, tightfisted beetle
Fisher Stinson
Fisher Stinson 20 tuntia sitten
If you look closely at the book it has a person on it.
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_ 23 tuntia sitten
I'm just still so shook how you managed to see ALL. OF. THAT.
Masked One 1316
Masked One 1316 23 tuntia sitten
9:21 I think black people with blue eyes are stunning.
liz cervantez
liz cervantez Päivä sitten
when vision snapped agatha back to reality was she still a witch????
Lizette Cruz
Lizette Cruz Päivä sitten
I didn’t care that Agatha was the villain until he said she killed a dog
liz cervantez
liz cervantez Päivä sitten
she ate the kids bro she said she bit a kid once
Unknown Päivä sitten
and I saw you're videos at .25 and I found 10 things xD
MineKurtMininer Päivä sitten
is ralph mephisto?
GIOSPOP1193 Päivä sitten
11:08 it says don't let him make you the villain
Nachiket Razdan
Nachiket Razdan Päivä sitten
I said it and i will say it again Hayward is ultron or something related to ultron
Stephanie Putri Diasti
Stephanie Putri Diasti Päivä sitten
Lad, you're so right about Nexus 6:30
Pranav Avatapally
Pranav Avatapally Päivä sitten
hey canadien lad the cicade is mephisto
little squid
little squid Päivä sitten
The soul stone
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Päivä sitten
Maybe Skrulls might get to know about vision and what he is capable of, they might have tried to create a replica of him but they didn't have the perfect resource for it, so in "Secret Invasion" they kind of tried to steals resources or the vision itself and carol captain marvel might have agreed with them but Monica, Maria, and Nick fury would have stopped them that's why Monica was angry listening to her name and Heyward is actually a Skrull and been trying to create vision. Also on the post-credit scene of nick fury in space, he isn't there by will but by strategy.
theendofit Päivä sitten
I watched this video at 2x speed. Heres what i learned:
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)
Because of the cicada's meaning, I think Agatha turned the twins into the cicadas
Rehna Rehna
Rehna Rehna Päivä sitten
Fun fact:if u comment here u will get tons of likes u can check right now everybody has more than 200 likes
Alpacazzz Päivä sitten
Whose watched episode 8
Sai Venkat
Sai Venkat Päivä sitten
Snoopers gonna snoop
Dharam Mittal
Dharam Mittal Päivä sitten
Dude if ypu take agents of shield as canon the darkhold was in it and it was taken by the ghost rider in the season 4 and he destroyed it
apolitis1 Päivä sitten
She killed the dog so now Mr. Wick is gonna sort everything out.
akash _ hvt
akash _ hvt Päivä sitten
plot twist: the lost dog was from John Wick
Tanvi Yadlapati
Tanvi Yadlapati Päivä sitten
1.)i feel that piedro is actually being controlled by Agatha and is also a spy for her. same for the mailman . there's probably a few ppl like this in the hex. 2.) Wanda also mentions that she doesn't know how she did it in the previous episode 3.) the book that is bound in Agatha's basement might be where the children in westview were/are kept. this might be true for the twins too. 4.) Piedro telling Wanda that she wanted to ultimately cause her grief also hints at the fact Wanda wanted to feel guilty for what she was doing.
Prajna Pratim Acharya
Prajna Pratim Acharya Päivä sitten
The chaos of magic
FacelessHalo Päivä sitten
Of course Pietro isn’t their uncle. They’re not real.
Vaibhav Sapkota
Vaibhav Sapkota Päivä sitten
16:09 lol
BeatingClownz Päivä sitten
You are not “mephisto” nor “Mephistopheles”. Nice try though...agnes’ husband...well...he could be...
Dharam Mittal
Dharam Mittal Päivä sitten
You whatsupp
George Boulton
George Boulton Päivä sitten
“I watched my entire life in 0.25x speed” hmmm yes the floor here is made of floor
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Päivä sitten
Theory: They're creating mutants through the hex.
anne dashwood
anne dashwood Päivä sitten
Episode 8 explained soo much! But the post credit scene makes me want to time travel to next Friday!
Michael Päivä sitten
I just noticed the quicksilver from episode 6 is the one from x-men. I literallly thought he was just a random guy posing to be her brother. XD
Prajna Pratim Acharya
Prajna Pratim Acharya Päivä sitten
@yuitr loing naah he is not there might be in post credit scene of 9
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Päivä sitten
I hope doctor strange will be in episode 8
Lm Rifter
Lm Rifter Päivä sitten
I know one of the characters in real life
Gabriel The Funny Dude
Gabriel The Funny Dude Päivä sitten
actually this guy who is playing Pietro is the Guy from X men this is the son of magneto You can see him in X men Apocalypse
AWriterWandering Päivä sitten
I wonder if the broadcast actually went digital to fit the era, and that’s why they can’t pick it up on the old TVs?
WOLFY YT Päivä sitten
Great points but many are off. Vision can’t leave the Hex snd I don’t think Wanda took Visions body bc it was in pieces.
sun2752 Päivä sitten
It is not a kids show it's called yo Gabba gabba
Frenzy Films.
Frenzy Films. Päivä sitten
Glad episode 8 is coming tomorrow
Peter Avram
Peter Avram Päivä sitten
the first 5 episodes of this show were so boring, but the last 2 have been great fun!
Mookan Kandiah
Mookan Kandiah Päivä sitten
It's been agatha all along
The Gamma Gamer
The Gamma Gamer Päivä sitten
@TheCanadianLad If you look into CMBR you'll notice the term "RED-SHIFT" is quite prominent in relation. Wanda's magic is RED, and "RED-SHIFT" apparently describes CMBR expanding outward from the big bang. I know it's a bit of a reach, but is there something being implied by this relation? I mean, did Marvel choose to bring up CMBR because they knew Red Shift relates to it?
Ayesha Adam
Ayesha Adam Päivä sitten
Ok, but WHO IS RALPH!?
marlxy Päivä sitten
I started crying when AGETHA said “and I killed sparky too!”
AstroPlays Päivä sitten
Stop swearing or i unsub
IguanaFur Gaming
IguanaFur Gaming Päivä sitten
Your theories are too accurate. I swear you're from the future, you can't trick me.
J HOBI 219
J HOBI 219 Päivä sitten
Marvel fans give me army vibes because of the brains
Sparsh Nayak
Sparsh Nayak Päivä sitten
I hope doctor strange will be in episode 8
Charlie Mount
Charlie Mount Päivä sitten
Wait. Can you tell me what happened? And then what happened next? And then tell me what happened after that? And then go ahead and tell me the next thing that happened. And then the next thing. And then...
MagicalCard Päivä sitten
Is it just me or at 13:05 the book has a face on it similar to stan lee
*Clap Clap Clap *
*Clap Clap Clap * Päivä sitten
That peitro is from x-men btw hope you can find something with this
Penn Johnson
Penn Johnson Päivä sitten
Also her Halloween costume was a witch! Something you missed.
Powerbeamz Päivä sitten
We actually call it fotball
SeaJayy Päivä sitten
Am I the only one who thought Agatha's secret lair sort of looked like that church in age of Ultron?
Simone Figeroux
Simone Figeroux Päivä sitten
I’m not sorry for the so called Marvel fans who gave up on this awesome series after watching episode one. They don’t know what they’re missing. I’m absolutely hooked. Love it even more with The Office-like intro. 💙
Artivion Päivä sitten
Cate Blanchett as Hela. Kathryn Hahn as Agatha. Etc2... Marvel really know how to pick the most suitable actress for their female villain. Seriously, Kathryn really great in Wandavision.
John Blaney
John Blaney Päivä sitten
Could the fly be Mephisto?
SilentBlob Päivä sitten
10:30- nah that means a boss cut scene is about to happen
Recksz Nagz
Recksz Nagz Päivä sitten
the first couple of 'foreshadows' you pointed out were nothing short of stretches. it was just for comedic purpose
Lutzkhie Päivä sitten
my theory, Agatha was in End Game, and Wanda obliterating Thanos could get anyones attention even Agatha, and thus she followed her after post-endgame and saw her weakness and took advantage of it
Lutzkhie Päivä sitten
hey hey monica he hey hey monica
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Päivä sitten
The cicadas could be a reference to Mephisto initially appearing as an insect in the comics
Shvo Kehati
Shvo Kehati Päivä sitten
Love your guest man, but a small suggestion your into music it's kinda depressing maybe you can change it, continue with your great work!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Päivä sitten
Lucky r
Lucky r Päivä sitten
I think Dr strange is controlling the book
Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain Päivä sitten
New detail...the number plate with numbers 122822 above WandaVision...its actually a date- 12 December 1922- Stan Lee's birthdate
TheWeird1sCool Päivä sitten
Fortnite babies: nExUs WaR eVeNt
Brandon Wambach
Brandon Wambach Päivä sitten
Those are turkey wings, not stork.
Alex H
Alex H 2 päivää sitten
The whole thing?
Alyssa Feigel
Alyssa Feigel 2 päivää sitten
The intro is more Happy Endings than the office. Just the theme song
Sahdah 2 päivää sitten
Okay but Wanda Vision's Pietro is the X-Men version of Quicksilver vs the MCU version of Quicksilver. Is there something about that out there???
Randi Mueller
Randi Mueller 2 päivää sitten
Notice when Monica comes out of entering Westview most things are purple hinting about Agatha and is Wanda was in control it would've been red or am i just crazy? Another thing you never see s.w.o.r.d find out who plays Agnas but in the song we see she comes down i witch form and in episode 6 what if she was not in costume but in every other episode she is in costume
Zoo 04
Zoo 04 2 päivää sitten
I think Ralph or agnes husband might be Mephisto
FunkyJ Bass
FunkyJ Bass 2 päivää sitten
I don't hear the "sound effect when Vision is scratching his ear to make it more authentic" - I hear insects, cicadas to be precise. It sounds like background noise like on a summers day. But also, you see a cicada soon after.
Made By Nick
Made By Nick 2 päivää sitten
Agatha: The name's Agatha Harkness. Me: **Noted*** Agatha: And i kill sparky too! Me: **Hated.***
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek 2 päivää sitten
Wait. Is Agatha’s witchcraft magic the same type of thing as Doctor Strange’s magic or no?
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