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I am all about Marvel movies. I am deeply into Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I make videos about movie theories, reviews and Easter Eggs.

P.S: I wasn't born in Canada. I'm an immigrant here. So if I don't sound Canadian enough, please apologize my accent. I hope to improve with every new video!

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2 kuukautta sitten
harrisnutter 19 sekuntia sitten
The bunny ate a bug not a bird... it turned back into a cicada before being eaten.
TFF 39 sekuntia sitten
You missed one detail about white vision and that detail was on his head where the soul stone was located, it was blue shaped looking like an arc reactor
Anthony chambliss
Anthony chambliss Minuutti sitten
Never was confused xd
Mrfluffybeehive 2 minuuttia sitten
8:34 only if he had a name
Del Rey
Del Rey 3 minuuttia sitten
when the red light of the bomb was blinking, the first few times looked like it only illuminated wanda
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 4 minuuttia sitten
make a video on spiderman no way home
Panther 5 minuuttia sitten
A thing you missed was that the tears are from Wanda from her past memories. :)
Richard Santiago
Richard Santiago 5 minuuttia sitten
13:14 HAWKEYE "Am I a joke to you?"
Neil Hinchley
Neil Hinchley 6 minuuttia sitten
Also - when Wanda goes to Director Haywords office the marker/security states 'DIRECTOR' then TURNS GREEN.....maybe a reference to NIGHTMARE??? I know RED to GREEN means LOCKED to UNLOCKED but maybe foreshadowing to WANDA (RED) to NIGHTMARE (GREEN). I know a stretch but MARVEL is super smart w/ Easter Eggs
SuperSaiyan3985 6 minuuttia sitten
Seeing Vision have his character fleshed out in this show makes me sad that now he's gone in the present day. I adore him and Wanda.
T. Davis
T. Davis 6 minuuttia sitten
Magneto is Agnes' lover............................
Jasmine King
Jasmine King 6 minuuttia sitten
Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the show they said Westview isn't a real town and Wanda made it? But in this episode we clearly see she goes into the town that already exists.
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 7 minuuttia sitten
"The Incredible(s) Parent Trap"... Hmmm.
Brendon Dowdy
Brendon Dowdy 7 minuuttia sitten
Meh. Maybe absolutely worst theory I've ever heard.
RisingLight99 7 minuuttia sitten
With each episode breakdown that are across FIplace.. This channel has to be my favorite. Carry on, good sir.
Ismail Mbaye
Ismail Mbaye 7 minuuttia sitten
Can I just say that the future Wanda is absolutely Beautiful
ButterSpy 8 minuuttia sitten
In the beginning of WandaVision, they said WestView wasn’t a thing but Wanda drives into WestView after visiting the sword facility. So were the police officers in the beginning lying?
Anthony Alvear
Anthony Alvear 8 minuuttia sitten
You missed the Ruins on the wall of the witch cave! They’re in the shape of hexagons too buddy!! Love the videos !!
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez 9 minuuttia sitten
But also totally gonna gloss over the fact that vision’s stone looks like it’s made of plastic? But as soon as we go into wanda’s memory’s the stone looks real, gooey and alive. But in the show within the show, the stone looks plastic, dead, and fake
80Droc 10 minuuttia sitten
The heart on the calendar in ep1 was the heart around visions note on the property deed & the boss Mr Hart coming round for dinner was her avoiding the truth. Brilliant & heart breaking ❤️
Deadlyiron 11 minuuttia sitten
You can see in 10:04 that there is a hue of red on young Wanda and a hue of blue on young Pietro. Maybe that foreshadows their powers?
Santer468 12 minuuttia sitten
i have a detail; in the cast it says that there is the voice for ultron and maybe they are going to use ultrons mind and transfer it to the new body
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 12 minuuttia sitten
The bird actually just turned back into a bug because no other witch is able to change matter. It was just an illusion
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed 12 minuuttia sitten
I subscribe to FIplace premium so I don't have to see ads. You people always have something to promote during the video. How annoying
Easton Laskey
Easton Laskey 12 minuuttia sitten
Pietro survived the Mind Stone because Wanda wanted him to.
Damian Avalos
Damian Avalos 12 minuuttia sitten
Nightmare? I thought it was Agatha all along
GGalaxy Killer
GGalaxy Killer 13 minuuttia sitten
not spiderman 3 its called spiderman no way home
melodramatic7904 13 minuuttia sitten
I was wondering if that was an arc reactor in white vision's head
Lachy Doc
Lachy Doc 14 minuuttia sitten
Another detail about the wanda seeing visions corpse scene was in the footage Hayward showed everyone, wanda came in through the doors, when actually she came down from Hayward office
TheTrisDamian 14 minuuttia sitten
Did you notice how Wanda’s powers get darker like the red gets darker
YogusVFX 16 minuuttia sitten
Rabbit is mefisto? Maybe
king red x
king red x 17 minuuttia sitten
pietro is magnetos child aswell
Neil Hinchley
Neil Hinchley 17 minuuttia sitten
Also in the Stricker scene when the MIND STONE comes to WANDA, the BLUE CASING looks like a "MATRIX" from the LIGHTENED patterns (like a CURCUIT BOARD) FORESHADOWING the MIND STONE's next HOST which was VISION (a SYMBIODE) which is why both the STONE at the HYDRA LAB was drawn to WANDA & finally VISION drawn to WANDA after AGE of ULTRON
SAJI KJ 19 minuuttia sitten
I thought you watched this episode in 0.25x speed but you didn't notice this detail the bunny didn't eat a bird it actually ate a bug if you played in 0.25x speed you will notice the bird turning into a bug
DutchInsanity 20 minuuttia sitten
Agatha was radiating Big Gay energy this whole episode just sayin
Mindor Doe
Mindor Doe 20 minuuttia sitten
1999, but Agatha said about Cold War?
Leonardo Arce
Leonardo Arce 21 minuutti sitten
If Peter is not Quicksilver form the Xmen universe i'm totally dissapointed
Neil Hinchley
Neil Hinchley 21 minuutti sitten
I also think Agatha's 'trip down memory lane' was a 'type of THERAPY' to heal which is why Agatha will evolve from the VILLIAN to the TEACHER much like in the comics. Yes Agatha is doing this for personal reasons/gain but eventually, Agatha will become the Teacher & Wanda the Student
Adam-Lucas Dewitt
Adam-Lucas Dewitt 21 minuutti sitten
Black panther could have been using that blast to cushion his landing as well. Or at least that how I took it.
Erick Ortiz
Erick Ortiz 22 minuuttia sitten
Sokovia is a place in the Balkans like Yugoslavia or Transylvania, consequently there would be great magic there, apparently it was part of the back story in Iron Fist
CALVIN SLOSS 22 minuuttia sitten
Scarlet Witch's headdress in the future looked a lot like the "Mother Witch" at the beginning of the episode.
The 007spy
The 007spy 22 minuuttia sitten
i think Wanda is a decent of Agatha's parents and Agatha herself knows about it , because she told Wanda that she have her own theory on how she got her power but is too early to talk about it
Riddl3r 16
Riddl3r 16 24 minuuttia sitten
The bird got transformed back in the bug
Bruhagon 24 minuuttia sitten
In class, I asked "Is anyone excited for WandaVision Ep 7? Then a boy said I watched it at 4:AM. He said it was "Meh" Meh is a no-no. This episode was bonkers!
Not so Cheery oz
Not so Cheery oz 25 minuuttia sitten
I was watching this episode with my friends and one them said “This is where her parents die” and then 1 second later their house blew up and then he said “See I told you” we were laughing so hard
Neil Hinchley
Neil Hinchley 25 minuuttia sitten
In the Sokovia scene, Agatha states "how long were you here" & Wanda "states 2 day" (like from Age of Ultron). The 2 days of extreme stress is much like the DEADPOOL mutation scenes Ajax "we must trigger 'extreme stress' to trigger the mutant gene & if you think superpowers are given without pain....crack an egg to make an omelet". I think Agatha's statement is the direct LINE to the MUTANTS which is what this series is setting up. "I'm a Canadian - Toronto so loving your feed LAD!!" on of the best online for us Marvel fans. Thank you.
Avrajit Bhattacharya
Avrajit Bhattacharya 26 minuuttia sitten
Before the end credit scene if you when they were showing names they make a graphic were two rings are attached maybe is it some how telling about multiverse or something?
Portar Florinel
Portar Florinel 28 minuuttia sitten
It seems like you have no job no wife. All the day you watch Marvel!!!
Mrfluffybeehive 29 minuuttia sitten
3:00 that’s cool I guess
Dave Reed
Dave Reed 29 minuuttia sitten
did anyone else notice that when the light on the bomb was beeping only wanda was the one who had the red reflection on it while pietro was still in a blue hue. I also noticed that she modeled her house in episode 1 and 2 after the dik van dyke house
TyTy Guy
TyTy Guy 30 minuuttia sitten
Fietro and the rabbit are the same people
Sigrid Koppel
Sigrid Koppel 30 minuuttia sitten
This episode hurt so much!
TyTy Guy
TyTy Guy 30 minuuttia sitten
Paul is dead. Paul Bethany actor of vision. Things are starting to make sense now.
Syed Subhan
Syed Subhan 34 minuuttia sitten
Listen kids shouting carefully it sounds like (its doctor octopus
Craig Lawton
Craig Lawton 35 minuuttia sitten
My theory on why quicksilver also survived hydra's mind stone experiment is like his sister he was also born with his powers, but like Wanda they were dormant - he likely just seemed to be naturally faster than others. In essence - the MCU Maximoff twins are mutants, the mind stone unlocked their powers.
No Idea Games
No Idea Games 35 minuuttia sitten
Wow you are just saying everything. You are a freaking Investigator. Bruv woah. Awesome broo..
MangoSharky 36 minuuttia sitten
What if the reason why there are so many hexagons is because the universe is shaped like a hexagon and the multiverse is like a bee hive
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas 30 minuuttia sitten
There are hexagons everywhere irl too
Sofia Zuñiga
Sofia Zuñiga 37 minuuttia sitten
I don't know if anybody else noticed, but when Agatha kills all the witches they look like the kid in the Yo-Magic commercial back in the Halloween episode. I think it might mean something.
Erwin Bleeker
Erwin Bleeker 37 minuuttia sitten
so u watched 2 hours in an episode to see what happens
Im Michael
Im Michael 37 minuuttia sitten
1. Agatha was lying when saying that she could be good 2.She wasn't concerned about Wanda joining hydra she was judging her. I would point out more of the problems with the video but I don't have that much time
Lil Sunflower
Lil Sunflower 38 minuuttia sitten
I got a postmates ad at 11:02 I was like hUhh?!?!.. oh
Kevz95 38 minuuttia sitten
So, I know the Infinity Stones have a mind of their own, but what if Wanda survived the interaction with the Mind Stone because she manipulated the probability of herself surviving? We know from the event as a child that she can cast the probability hex subconsciously, as she didn't even realize she caused it to be a dud. So what if the same thing occurred here, but manipulating her own probabilities (and possibly Pietro's as well) to survive the experiments.
Laerei 39 minuuttia sitten
I think the "fake" Vision who can not exist outside of the Hex is going to possess the orginal Vision body and overwrite this white Vision Hayward has created.
Alice Byrom
Alice Byrom 39 minuuttia sitten
Ok there was something in episode 5 that people didn’t notice, and you didn’t mention in your video... when Monica is trying to remember what happened, there is a shot from this episode, a scene where she is crying about losing Vision. This was only on one frame but it really shows that they are feeling her emotions! Just a little Easter egg I wanted to let ya know about! Love these videos, you really go deep! (This was found in a tiktok compilation by Spidey Parker, at 2:39)
SpiritousRock 39 minuuttia sitten
Why is colour on the stark industry nuclear weapon red?
Johnny Gamer
Johnny Gamer 40 minuuttia sitten
There was no broch on Agatha while sitting with the boys... But when she comes to Wanda in the basement... She had the broch on her clothes....
Michael Smotherman
Michael Smotherman 40 minuuttia sitten
I think Pietro and Wanda survived interacting with the mind stone because they were the only subjects with the x-gene.
AARYA KANSARA 40 minuuttia sitten
No. 35, I guess, running red lights was meant cause the car stopped at the signal light, and because of the stopping everybody gathered around, and that's why miles asked that don't cops run (break) red lights rules. And his father said some do, but he doesn't break rules.
Kylie Wilson
Kylie Wilson 44 minuuttia sitten
I think that it is the muntant gene the have peitro powers and wanda IS a muntant but she was also a Wich so that power mixed in with each other and made her stronger than the traditional scarlet witch that agatha is talking about but the infinity stone IS awakening the X gene
Jesse Polendo
Jesse Polendo 45 minuuttia sitten
Your wrong about almost everything, she didnt have powers when she was young, and those are her real parents. And the bird turned back into a fly then the rabbit ate it. If your watching it slow make sure your shit is right, this channel sucks.
Some random chick
Some random chick 45 minuuttia sitten
We honestly should have seen Vision being made out of nothing coming just by watching Vision exit the Hex. If Vision was in fact an animated corpse that couldn't exit the Hex, then when he did his colors should have faded out and his corpse should have dropped dead but that's not what happened, he instead was being sucked back into the Hex piece by piece and when we see the inside of his body we see that he was made out of nothing.
Anshuman Mishra
Anshuman Mishra 46 minuuttia sitten
In episode 5 when captain woo was bringing coffee, on coffee mug you can clearly see the down arrow colored red (wanda), orange(vision), purple(nightmare) and weight(weight vision).
Hera 46 minuuttia sitten
It’s like the Mindstone and Wanda are soul mates and Vision is just a vessel for the Mindstone. It’s interesting because in the comics it’s said Cosmic Entities created the Infinity Stones but some of the stones don’t have named creators. Infinity and Eternity created the Space and Time Stones, but the Mindstones creator isn’t listed. We know they were created by Cosmic Entities, and the Mindstone gives influence over the Mind. Which Cosmic Entity is the Mother of all psionic (Mind related) powers? The Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force is also the same Entity in every Universe of the Multiverse, just like The Scarlett Witch. I would *DIE* if Sophie Turner Jean Grey made a cameo. I would literally die inside. The Phoenix Force is my favorite character of any comics because it is Life itself.
I can't come up with a name
I can't come up with a name 47 minuuttia sitten
Did you see that one of the ruins was an M ?
dennis calero
dennis calero 48 minuuttia sitten
Great video. Clarification : bird turned back into a bug as it travelled to the rabbits mouth.
Paul Douris
Paul Douris 48 minuuttia sitten
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Christ Loves you and he’s coming soon
Nickalaj 49 minuuttia sitten
I think the purple of black panthers energetic blast is just there to remember Chadwick
oykot 50 minuuttia sitten
I have a theory. What if Wanda was taken from the X-Men universe and was adopted. In the comics The Maximoff's are Magneto's kids and in X-Men Apocalypse Peter / Quicksilver illudes to this. But Wanda, who was born a Witch subconsciously made Pietro the Quicksilver of the MCU. And the Mind Stone enhances her powers then the rest plays out. Also the reason Peter Maximoff doesn't have an accent in WandaVision is because he is from The X-Men world. This also may fit because Magneto has a daughter in X-Men apocalypse. This may be because he wanted to fill the void in his heart because he misses Wanda. ALSO Peter Maximoff play Quicksilver in the X-Men which takes place in the 90's if I'm not mistaken and this explains why he appears in the 90's themed Sitcom episode of WandaVision Also great vids 👍
Popi 50 minuuttia sitten
omg i just watched every episode again and in every episode in the please stand by clip thingys before it changes to the television pixel colors flying around it ALWAYS zooms into visions eye!!!
rkr8686 51 minuutti sitten
Wanda should be in prison for kidnapping a whole town, even if it was by accident. I agree with the sword director guy. Nuke the bitch! I wouldn’t feel safe with Wanda around. She cosplay married a robot for godsake...I don’t even know if I’m joking